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Cost of care

At this time I am not contracting with insurance. I am open to partial barter arrangements for certain services. If your insurance plan has any out of network benefits, you may be able to submit your fee for reimbursement. Prenatal care fees will be prorated in the event of a late transfer into care.


At North Sound Midwifery, I want to emphasize the importance of The Midwifery Model of Care, which differs greatly from what is offered in standard obstetric practice. Midwifery prioritizes individualized care, relationship, informed decision making, continuity of care during transfer whenever possible, social and emotional support for the birthing family and optimizing health through full body and mind wellness. Included in your care is:

  • 24/7 availability of your midwife

  • Longer appointment times and additional visits as needed

  • Time and attention dedicated to shared decision making and health promotion

  • A 2nd trained birth attendant, either a Licensed Midwife or other experienced birth professional

  • Continued support during a transfer to the hospital as needed and as able

  • Expanded postpartum care through 6-8 weeks postpartum, including at least one routine home visit

  • The birth kit, which includes disposable products such as chux pads, gloves, etc.

  • A birthing tub

  • Lactation support

Complete Midwifery Care package ~ $3,500 - $5,000 *sliding scale*


Prenatal Care package (co-care for those planning a hospital delivery) ~ $2,000

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